Breaking up on facebook

Posted on 02/02/2011 by


Seeing as I just got engaged, I figured I should share this graphic I stumbled on:

At first, it seems that breakups really take off on Valentine’s day and peak a few weeks later.  Or that Mondays are big breakup days.

But really, its all weather (people seem to break up more in the winter).  But then I thought about it again, and there might be a lurking interaction here: maybe people are on facebook less during the summer.  What if people break up at a more or less constant rate throughout the year, but just do it less online during the summer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to break up during a warm afternoon, the sun basking the earth in a soft glow, the fields fresh with dewy flowers…(edit: as someone just pointed out, that would mean that they also wouldn’t peak in the Spring).

(via Buzzfeed)