Stats with Cats

Posted on 02/04/2011 by


I have a cat named Ellis.

(Disclosure: that is not really a picture of my cat. My camera isn’t working. Taken from Big Black

Ellis is usually not very helpful with my statistics questions, but I just wanted to inform our readers of a really fantastic cat/website that can help.  For an excellent introduction to statistics (with cats), check out Charlie Kufs’ Stats with Cats.  He has a post on the value of pictures and data analysis in general, which you can see here.

(Via Stats with Cats)

Kufs sums up my attitude on data in a succinct and erudite way:

Being able to analyze data is the asset that sets the knowledge-wielding experts apart from the arm-waving storytellers. Don’t wait for your boss or teacher to send you out into the many unmarked routes of the databahn. Journey to the land of data analysis at your own speed along paths you’re comfortable with. Don’t just endure a data analysis project. Make the journey as fulfilling as the arrival. Make data analysis your passion.

So check it out.