A view from above

Posted on 07/04/2011 by


Hey all! I have been pretty busy recently with my new job at the Alamo Colleges, and with a mountain of other projects that I don’t even want to think about right now. Anyway, after a long-ish hiatus due to those work demands, here’s a quick post about something neat I ran across the other day.

Now, at least when I think of cloud computing, I imagine a big server bank and the low, soft hum of thousands of little fans.  But to others, I suppose, cloud computing involves quite a bit of data management and complex management programs.

Real-Status is rolling out a cool visualization product, HyperGlance, that gives a 3d, scalable image of computers in the cloud in order to create a nice model of your network.

What I particularly like is that it makes lots of complex information accessible through basic imaging (or, as their site bills it, they, “help non-IT staff comprehend their infrastructure and how they use it”).

Anyway, check it out if you are in the industry or just interested in new data viz software.  I should return soon with some more posts on software I have been using recently, including the webapp visualize.me, which I think is going to be pretty revolutionary.