A new infographic – please comment

Posted on 11/02/2011 by


This is going to be a short post.

I recently made an infographic for a client.  It actually started out as a poster for an academic conference, which was why I went with a simple, white/blue/black design, but they wanted a web-compatible format as well.  I have almost no experience with this kind of work, but I gave it a shot–so if you have any comments I would really like to hear them, especially from any of you graphic design types.   Feel free to PM as well if you would like.

Here it is:

As a side note, the client had alot of data to display, hence the overabundance of numbers everywhere.  I was told that my main design flaw was that in an infographic you should have a central graphic or chart that is displayed prominently, around which everything else is structured. As a poster, the layout was kind of limiting, and I couldn’t really think of anything because I only had a couple of days to work on it.  I did try to just use circles everywhere to give it consistency, but again, any ideas would be appreciated.